Our Vision

"An arch consists of two weaknesses, which, leaning on each other, become a strength."

--Leonardo da Vinci

Church planters and pastors across the country desire to labor together for the cause of the Gospel. Arch Ministries autonomously and efficiently connects pastors, believers, and churches nationwide.

  • Autonomy—Arch Ministries provides helps without creating dependency, so that churches and ministries within the Arch network remain autonomous.
  • Efficiency—The loose partnerships formed within the Arch network provide strength in numbers, resulting in potential savings of time, money and other resources.

Our Purpose

  • To Promote efforts of local and national church planting, highlighting successes, experiences, and future opportunities.
  • To Assist church planters in establishing and strengthening their ministries through edification and fellowship with other church planting ministries.
  • To Uphold church planters through encouragement in their sacrificial, sometimes lonely, ministry with the goal of transitioning supported ministries to self-supported churches.
  • To Unite balanced, Bible-believing pastors together to support church planting efforts and create a network for churches or believers needing church planters.