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Arch Ministries is privileged to offer free MP3 downloads of session audio from the National Church Planting Conference. We hope these sessions will continue to encourage and edify listeners, whether or not they were able to attend the conference.

2012 Conference

2012 Conference Artwork

The theme for the 2012 National Church Planting Conference was Church-Planting and Cross-Bearing. Our sessions focused on the unique challenges faced by church planters.

General Sessions

  • General Session 1 - Pastor Bud Talbert
  • General Session 2 - Pastor Bud Talbert
  • General Session 3 - Dr. Will Senn

Network Sessions

  • Pastor Bud Talbert - Enduring Hardship in Church Planting
  • Dr. Will Senn - Church Planting: The Mother-Daughter Model
  • Pastor Matt Walker - A Cross-Bearing Ministry
  • Professor Mark Vowels - Cross-Bearing = Church Planting in Missions

Ladies' Sessions - Mrs. Deborah Talbert

2011 Conference

2011 Conference Artwork

The theme for the 2011 conference was Growing a Healthy Church. Our session topics targeted common areas of difficulty in starting and maintaining a healthy, balanced ministry.

General Sessions

  • Dr. Bruce McAllister, The Key Components of Church Planting: The Antioch Model (Acts 11:19-26)
  • Dr. Dick Fellars, The Heart of a Healthy Church
  • Dr. Robert Potter, The Objective of Unity: The Glory of God and Fellowship with Him
  • Dr. Bruce McAllister, The Path to Personal and Congregational Health
  • Dr. Dick Fellars, A Healthy Church Body

Network Sessions

  • Dr. Bruce McAllister, Evangelism in a Healthy Church Plant
  • Dr. Dick Fellars, Multi-Cultural/Multi-Ethnic Ministry
  • Dr. Robert Potter, A Balanced Missions Emphasis (Domestic/Abroad)
  • Pastor Matt Walker, Developing Biblical Worship in a Healthy Church Plant
  • Pastor Chris Anderson, Nurturing Fellowship in a Church Plant

Ladies' Sessions - Mrs. Claudia Barba

2010 Conference

2010 Conference Artwork

The theme for the 2010 conference was A Mindset to Mentor. Sessions focused on discipleship in a church plant, from beginning to mentor new members in foundational truths, to growing a church plant to become a mother to new church plants.

General Sessions

  • Dr. Drew Conley, Methods of the Master
  • Pastor Tim Lovegrove, A Closer Look at a Disciple
  • Dr. Robert Potter, Mentoring Men - The Great Weakness in the Church
  • Dr. Drew Conley, Multiply the Messengers
  • Pastor Tim Lovegrove, Spiritual Parenting

Network Sessions

  • Pastor Jeff Kelly, The Church Planter's Preaching Schedule
  • Pastor Tim Sneeden, Deputation: God's Reputation / My Expectation
  • Pastor Dayton Walker, The Pastor's Personal Piety
  • Pastor Larry Hobbes, Publicity Preparations for a Church Plant
  • Dr. Robert Potter, Leading a Mature Church into Church Planting
  • Pastor Matt Walker, The God-Centered Church Planter

Special Sessions

  • Mr. Harry Dodd & Mr. David Hixson, Steering a Church Towards Reproduction
  • Discussion Panel - Pastor Tim Lovegrove, Dr. Drew Conley, Pastor Dayton Walker, Dr. Robert Potter

2009 Conference

2009 Conference Artwork

The theme for the 2009 conference, Only Earthen Vessels, was intended to remind us of our dependence upon God for spiritual growth for ourselves, our families, and our ministries.

  • Dr. Drew Conley, Gifts of God for Growth in Godliness
  • Pastor Larry Hobbes, A Firm Resolve
  • Dr. Chuck Phelps, The Church that the Lord Builds
  • Dr. Drew Conley, The Demands of Godly Growth
  • Dr. Chuck Phelps, Toxic Teachers
  • Mr. Harry Dodd, "Let God Lead" - Church Spending Planning