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"Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands" - Ex. 17:12b

Founded by Harry Dodd in 2008, Aaron & Hur ministries is a Bible-based ministry whose stated mission is to come alongside pastors to help them in biblical financial management, church business administration, and strategic planning. Shortly after its founding, A&H teamed up with Arch Ministries to provide these valuable helps to church planters. Since that time Harry and his wife, Lynne, have traveled to churches across the country promoting biblical principles of financial stewardship and helping those churches wisely plan for the future.

Biblical Financial Management

Aaron & Hur can provide Bible-based financial training courses designed to assist a church and its membership to understand this important part of stewardship. Courses include:

  • The Treasure Principle, 6 hours
  • Biblical Principles of Handling Money, 20 hours
  • Discovering God's Way of Handling Money, 6 hours
  • Get a Grip on Your Money College and Career Class, 10 hours
  • Leader training for Financial Small Group Bible Study, 3 hours
  • Various children's lessons

Additionally, Aaron & Hur can provide personal and family financial counseling and debt/budget coaching. Many participants have developed spending plans which honor the Lord, have seen radical changes in their lives, and are on the way to becoming financially free to serve God.

Church Business Administration & Strategic Planning

Harry's many years in management at a Fortune 50 company have afforded him the knowledge and experience to offer churches help in planning and administration. This assistance includes:

  • Annual budget planning
  • Long-term strategic planning for churches (2-10 year plans)
  • Pastoral salary/benefit planning
  • Building planning & project oversight
  • Benevolence policy development
  • Leading effective meetings


Harry was trained by Larry Burkett as a budget coach and has served continuously in this capacity since 1983 as a ministry of his local church. He has taught numerous Biblical financial seminars and has trained other budget coaches and small group Bible study leaders.

At four different churches, Harry has facilitated strategic planning teams that have developed mission statements and multi-year plans. Harry has also served in many other roles, including as director of stewardship (business manager), deacon, church internal financial audit chairman, pulpit committee facilitator, benevolence chairman, building program manager, and shepherd support chairman.

Lynne has served as a faithful wife, choir, member, church pianist and organist for over thirty-five years. She also has been involved in various children's ministries.

More Information

More detailed information about the Dodds and their ministries is available in the PowerPoint slides below.

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